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To make an appointment call 888.763.4070

The Patch

What is The Patch?

Ortho Evra is a hormonal patch that sticks directly onto the skin; this may cause a reaction at the site of application. The patch contains a combination of estrogen and progesterone that are absorbed through the skin where it is worn. The birth control patch is a prescription and must be obtained from your healthcare provider.

How does the Patch work, and is it effective?

The patch is worn for one week at a time and it is placed directly on the skin of your buttocks, stomach, upper arm or upper torso. The patch is replaced once a week on the same day each week for three weeks in a row. The patch is not worn during the fourth week to allow your menstrual flow to occur at this time. Like the Pill, the Patch is 99% effective if used properly. The Patch may not be effective for women who weigh more than 198 pounds.

What are the side effects from the Patch?

The side effects of the Patch are similar to those of the combination pill, such as:

  • breast tenderness and enlargement
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vaginal discharge
  • abdominal cramps and bloating
  • irregular bleeding or spotting
  • slight weight gain change in appetite
  • moodiness
  • change in sexual desire

What should I about choosing the Patch?

  • no pill to take every day
  • does not interrupt sex
  • only have to change the patch three times a month
  • ability to become pregnant returns quickly when you stop using it
  • may not be effective for women who weigh more than 198 pounds