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To make an appointment call 888.763.4070

Birth Control Methods

Hormonal Methods

Hormonal methods such as the pill, shot, patch or implant are safe and highly effective ways of preventing unplanned pregnancies. Most contain the hormones estrogen, progestin, or progesterone, and sometimes a combination. They work by stopping ovulation or thickening cervical mucus so it is difficult for sperm to enter the womb.The IUD is a non-hormonal method that is just as effective. Read more about:

The Pill
• The Shot
• The Patch
The Implant
Vaginal Ring

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods can be just as effective as the hormonal methods, if they are used correctly. They can be used in “heat of the moment” or unplanned situations, without any physical side effects, and don’t contain any hormones. Read more about:

The Sponge

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is NOT a birth control method; it is an option when unprotected sex has happened. Read More