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MYTH: A girl can't get pregnant the first time she has sex.

FACT: Girls CAN get pregnant the first time they have sex, it does not make any difference to the sperm or to the egg that it is the first time, all that matters is that they meet!



MYTH: If a girl jumps up and down after sex she won't get pregnant.

FACT: Jumping up and down after sex might be good exercise, but it won't stop the sperm from swimming to the egg, in fact it could even help them get to the egg faster.



MYTH: Smoking pot will make a guy sterile.

FACT: Smoking pot will cause a guy to have fewer sperm and it will make the sperm swim more slowly. Smoking pot WILL NOT make a guy sterile.



MYTH: If a girl douches after sex she won't get pregnant.

FACT: If a girl douches after having sex she may help push the sperm further into her body making it easier to get pregnant, she also might give herself a yeast infection.




MYTH: A girl won't get pregnant if she has sex while on her period.

FACT: If a girl is able to have periods she is able to get pregnant. Some girls bodies ovulate even while they are on their periods.




MYTH: Birth control pills cause cancer.

FACT: Some studies have shown that birth control pills can actually lower chances of getting endometrial and ovarian cancers.



MYTH: Birth control pills protect you from getting STDs and HIV.

FACT: Birth control pills will only prevent pregnancy, they offer NO PROTECTION against STDs or HIV.

If a guy uses a condom and the girl is on the pill then the risk for STD and HIV transmission goes way down.



MYTH: Condoms protect you from all STDs.

FACT: Condoms can help protect against most STDs, however, they don't always protect against herpes or genital warts especially if the herpes or warts are on the genital or pubic area.



MYTH: Using two latex condoms (double bagging) doubles your protection from pregnancy and STD / HIV transmission.

FACT: Using two latex condoms causes the latex to rub together and break apart, leaving NO protection against pregnancy, HIV \ AIDS or STDs!



MYTH: A guy can't get a girl pregnant if he pulls out before he ejaculates (cums).

FACT: A girl can become pregnant if the guy pulls out, he may have drops of pre-ejaculate fluid or drops of ejaculate fluid (cum) that make it out of his penis before he withdrawals from her body.