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Birth Control

There are many birth control options available today, and the choices can seem confusing. This list can help you decide which would best fit your lifestyle.

One choice can be a hormonal birth control method. These are birth control options that contain the hormone estrogen and/or progesterone. Most hormonal methods have both combined in them. They work by stopping ovulation (they sort of trick the body in to thinking it is pregnant when it's NOT) or thicken cervical mucus so it would be hard for sperm to enter womb.

Non Hormonal
There are a variety of different hormonal birth control and there are also a big selection of non hormonal methods. They can be just as effective as the hormonal methods if you use them perfectly every time. These methods contain no hormones and can be used at a "heat of the moment" situation.

Plan B aka Morning After Pill / Emergency Contraceptive Pill
Plan B, The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP), or Morning After Pill (MAP) is NOT a birth control method. It is for EMERGENCIES! It is also NOT the same thing as RU-486 (the abortion pill).