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About The Clinic

My firist visit.

As I walked through lot of 6801 Coldwater Canyon, I felt that uncomfortable feeling of stepping into the unknown...See, this is my first visit to the Valley Teen Clinic.

I called the Teen Clinic toll-free number a few days ago and made an appointment to come in to the clinic. As the days went by and the day of my appointment got closer, I started to worry. I have to admit, I was a bit afraid. What was going to happen? What would it be like? Would they be nice to me? I convinced myself earlier that day to make the appointment. But when the time came I questioned whether or not to go in. After debating I decided to go through with my plans and walked toward the entrance. I walked through the electric-sliding doors to the elevators. I pressed 2, the doors closed and my anxiety raised in unison with the elevator. The doors opened and I stepped out into a hallway with doors in all directions. I recognized the Teen Clinic logo on the door to room 2C.

I walked in and saw that there were a lot of other teens my age sitting in the waiting room. I walked up to the receptionists counter and was relieved when I saw that there were teens behind the counter. They welcomed me and explained that before seen by the nurse I had to fill out some paperwork. I sat in a chair in the waiting room and filled out the paperwork while listening to the music playing on MTV on the television. After turning in my paperwork, I waited until I was called. There were magazines around to keep me entertained along with the MTV and it helped relax me.

After a short wait I was called into a room for and talked to one of the teens who worked at the clinic. The first thing they explained to me was the confidentiality in my visit, because the last thing I want is anyone to know that I was at the clinic. Afterward I was asked a few questions based on my particular visit to the clinic. I was told what would happen during my visit. They taught me about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, how to use a condom correctly and about HIV/AIDS. The staff member helping me couldn’t have been over 18 and was really helpful and relaxing. I wasn’t afraid to open up to to them and talk about what was going on with me. I felt safe and comfortable that they knew what they were talking about. My height, weight and blood pressure was taken, they did a few lab tests, and at this point the wait for the clinician wasn’t as scary as before. I was called by a nurse who greeted me in a nice way and explained in the room once again what was going to happen during the exam. She also answered all my questions I had, and carefully performed an exam. I made an appointment for a follow-up, and afterward I waited in the lobby for the pharmacy to call me. When they did, I picked up my birth control. Everything was completely free, the clinic was very clean, I was told that everything that went on during my visit was confidential, the staff were helpful and nice, and I didn't feel judged by anyone there.