About Us

Valley Teen Clinic is a unique and important adolescent health care center that provides adolescents aged 12-19 with low/no cost primary care services, preventative care, and wellness education in a confidential, teen-sensitive environment. For more than 25 years, Valley Teen Clinic’s nationally recognized program has been operated by Valley Community Healthcare a private, non-profit network of community health centers that provides a full array of high quality, low-cost primary medical care and specialized health services to the residents of the San Fernando Valley.

Primary Care
▪ General Medicine
▪ Sports Physicals (12-19)
▪ Dental
▪ Optometry
▪ Immunizations
▪ Individual & Family Counseling

Confidential Services
▪ Birth Control
▪ STD Testing & Treatment
▪ Pregnancy Testing
▪ Health Education
▪ Confidential HIV testing

Teens 12-19 may enroll themselves in Confidential Health Services

Parents/guardians must enroll teens for primary care services. For more information go to Eligibility & Enrollment for
Healthcare Plans